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Foods Against Breast Cancer

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Foods Against Breast Cancer Green tea red wine red grapes red onions skin of red apples Estrogens cause breast cancer cell growth"Estrogens 'cause breast cancer cell growth.*] Current treatment of Estrogen-positive breast tumors is directed towards interruption of estrogen activity. We report that treatment of 'such cells] with kaempferol resulted in a...decrease in cell number...These findings suggest that modulation of 'Estrogen-receptor] expression and function by kaempferol may be, in part, responsible for its anti-proliferative effects seen 'experimentally...]" See DETAILS below for foods containing it.

*Refers to growth of estrogen-receptor-positive cancer cells. Meaning, those cancer cells that are growth-stimulated by estrogen.

DETAILS: In discussion with Dr. Hung, he noted that foods rich in kaempferol are Green tea, red wine (and presumably red grapes,) red onions and the skin of red apples.

Foods Against Breast Cancer Bibliography

H. Hung, Lab. of Molecular Endocrinology, National Cancer Centre of Singapore.

In: Journal of Cell Physiology, vol.2, 2004.


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