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Bronchitis & Steroids

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Bronchitis & Steroids"Bronchitis (bronchiolitis) is the most common infection in the lower respiratory tract in infants, reports the New England Journal of Medicine. So, a large group of physicians and medical scientists did a study of 600 children (age range 2-12 months) with a first episode of wheezing.

"Conclusions: In infants with acute moderate-to-severe 'bronchitis] who were treated in the emergency department, 'given]...oral dexamethasone ..did not significantly alter the rate of hospital admissions, the 'breathing] status after 4 hours of observation, or later outcomes."

Bronchitis & Steroids Bibliography

The New England Journal of Med., vol. 357, July 26, 2007. By: Drs. Cornell, Zore, Holubkov, Kupperman, et al., for the Bronchiolitis Study Group of the Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Res. Network.

Included were physicians and med. scientists from U. of Utah, Children's Hosp. of Phila., Children's Hosp. of Michigan, Children's Hosp. Med. Ctr., Cinn., OH, Wash. U. of St. Louis, and many others, including Johns Hopkins of Balt., MD.


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