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Herb or Vitamin for Torn Rotator Cuff

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Torn muscle near rotator cup 'cuff]
I have not had an MRI yet. I will see my doctor later this month. This has bothered me for six months. I'm 67 yrs old. Is it usually better to give something like this time to heal on its own or go ahead with an operation if the doctor says to? Is there an herb or vitamin I can take to help healing?


We would think that before your making a decision, you would want to get the physician's final determination as to the extent and nature of the injury. We cannot advise you on whether or not to get an operation in any case. That is only for a physician to do, after which, knowing the facts, you make the decision.

We can report to you on the medical discoveries on the use of foods for injuries. That is, what can possibly help your body to recover. But it is quite possible that you do need surgery in either case. One thought is that you get a second opinion before deciding.

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