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How to Strengthen Your immune System: Immune System Supplements

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Just by its very nature, the need to strengthen the immune system as we get older is simply a given. With age many of our biological processes and functions have a tendency to slow down and not perform as well during our more youthful years. While aging is not synonymous with illness, getting older does increase the likelihood for many diseases and disorders.

Overall, seniors have a higher risk for certain health issues such as cardiac problems, frequent infections, autoimmune disorders and cancer. This increased risk may be caused in part by the very nature of these disorders. For example, most chronic disorders such as arthritis or hardening of the arteries are slowly progressive and symptomless until they have hit the point of being symptomatic. Another significant part of this increased risk is related to aging changes that affect the immune system as well. This is where quality immune system supplements to enhance immune system function can be of good use.

The first and foremost function of the immune system is to protect us against diseases. Our immune system is naturally wired to seek and destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi and cancerous cells before they can cause damage. In normal circumstances, the body learns to tell the difference between tissues of self and non self. If the immune system is strong, your level of protection is enhanced.

The thymus gland, one of the organs of the immune system is the site where T-lymphocytes mature. Certain T-lymphocytes are responsible for killing foreign particles. Itís important to note that the thymus gland begins to shrink after adolescence. By middle age, the thymus gland is only 18% of its maximum size. While the number of T-cells produced does not decrease with age, the activity of T-cells themselves experience a marked reduction in function? Because of the slow and steady decrease in immunity after adulthood, fewer protective antibodies may be formed and immune system supplements may be required.

Statistically speaking, as one ages, the cells of the immune system can be less tolerant of oneís own cells. Sometimes an autoimmune disorder takes place. Normal tissues are mistaken for non-self-tissue and immune cells attack specific organs or tissues. Sometimes the immune system becomes less adept at detecting cancerous cells, therefore raising the risk of cancer with age. With compromised immunity, the immune system is less likely to detect foreign particles, opening the door for frequent bacterial and viral infections.

In order to protect your immune system function into adulthood, the body should be maintained. Light exercise can go a long way to help strengthen the immune system. You can provide your immune support with immune system supplements. Stopping smoking and minimizing the use of alcohol can only help.  Finally, a whole foods diet naturally rich in immune system vitamins is paramount to building a strong immune system as the body is designed to heal and thrive upon whole food and organic nutrition.

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