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Flavenoid Quercetin, A Remarkable Food Substance

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"The flavenoid quercetin is 'widely present] in plant foods; it is particularly abundant in apples, broccoli, and onions...Consumption of fruit and vegetables containing quercetin has been associated with several health benefits, including reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and some forms of cancer..."

"Recently, Saito et al., reported that 'quercetin] reduced 'Hydrogen Peroxide]--induced chromosomal damage in cultured human 'lymph cells,] a model of carcinogenesis..."

Note: Pure quercetin can be obtained in pill form, preferably in 50mg. sizes without modifying substances, from Freeda Vitamins (with whom we have no connection,) at 1-800-777-1717 for about $8.00 per 100 plus postage. It shares some qualities with green tea.

Flavenoid Quercetin, A Remarkable Food Substance Bibliography

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