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Melatonin Results For Men

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Melatonin, the hormone in the body's pineal gland in your neck, has been promoted widely as a "miracle" substance, and of course, it isn't. However, some scientific reports--not hype by purveyors--do show beneficial properties. One by Moretti, Dondi, et al., of the Dept. of Endocrinology, U. of Milan, Italy, showed that experimentally (in test tubes) it inhibits prostate tumor cells.

We're not suggesting it as a treatment yet (if ever,) but as a preventative you should realize that the body uses it in minute amounts, and it might have toxic effects in the doses sometimes sold by health food stores and vitamin distributors. If we would take it we would buy a one milligram tablet and even break that in half. For treatment, consult your physician.

Melatonin is sleep-inducing. Therefore, one should always take it just before bedtime. Otherwise, it may cause drowsiness in situations that could prove hazardous, like driving.

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