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Green Tea, the REAL health miracle!

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All sorts of herbs, vitamins and combinations as well as straight-forward cons are perpetrated on the public as "miracles." Unfortunately, real miracles are rare indeed. But green tea could be considered genuine.

Dr. Stephen Hsu, Ph.D. of the department of Oral Biology and Maxillofacial Pathology of the Medical College of Georgia provided a comprehensive review of the scientific evidence in The Journal of the Amer. Academy of Dermatology early this year.

"It was found that green tea extracts or especially an individual 'component] EGCG inhibited two-stage 'skin cancer] induced 'by tested carcinogens]and by ultra-violet sunlight when applied directly. In addition to skin, studies in 'animal] models demonstrated that carcinogens in other organs, such as lung, stomach, breast, oral cavity, esophagus, pancreas, prostate, duodenum and colon was also inhibited by 'green tea components.]

"...recently, the properties of 'green tea components] for anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and wound-healing effects were also explored. 'More conclusive studies need to be done.]

"...Oral consumption of brewed green tea at concentrations similar to human consumption significantly inhibited 'ultra-violet B sun rays or 'carcinogen] induced tumorigenesis. This group, led by Conney at Rutgers University...later showed that green tea oral administration in 'animals] not only inhibited skin 'cancer growth] but also reduced fatty tissues in the dermis 'skin.]

"...In fact, apoptotic 'programmed cell death] activities were significantly increased in tumor cells but not in normal cells.

"'Green tea components] may potentially benefit skin healing...

"In a human study, topical 'direct] application of 10% 'reen tea's] EGCG...increased skin thickness in elderly men, which further confirmed the possible stimulatory effects of EGCG in the aged epidermis.

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Green Tea, the REAL health miracle! Bibliography

J. Am. Acad. Dermatol., 2005;52:1049-59. This review provided 91 references to medical and scientific studies on green tea.

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