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Vitamin B6 for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Vitamin B6 for Carpal Tunnel Syndromeread more articles on vitamins

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is often treated by surgical means. We researched numerous studies to determine whether there was an alternative treatment. The following one seems to sum up one non-surgical approach.

"PURPOSE: To present the current state of 'medical knowledge,] assessment and treatment...including the use of pyridoxine 'vitamin] B6. DATA SOURCES: Selected research articles, texts, Websites, personal communication with experts, and the authors' own clinical experience.

"CONCLUSIONS:...While the basic treatment of NSAIDs 'aspirin and its spin-offs, ibuprofen, naproxen, etc.,] and nighttime splints seems universally accepted, much controversy remains. The use of vitamin B6 as a treatment is one such controversy requiring further investigation.

'IMPLICATIONS FOR 'MEDICAL] PRACTICE: Current treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome should include NSAIDs, nighttime splinting, ergonomic workstation review 'proper hand-use activities] and vitamin B6 200 'milligrams] per day."

By Holm and Moody, U. of S. Florida, USA. In Journal of Amer. Acad. Nursing Practice, vol. 15, 2003.

Other reports pointed to hand use stress as a causative factor. One study implicated oxygen radical activity and therefore one might assume that the intake of anti-oxidants could be helpful. These may include the intake of green tea, vitamins E and C, dark grapes and soy beans or tofu. Among the sources researched were; Cochrane Database, J.R. Soc. Med., Microsurgery, Occupational Med., Disabil. Rehab., J. Hand Surgery, Acta. Neurol. Scand., and others.

DETAILS: The reports on certain surgical procedures such as "single-portal endoscopic carpal tunnel syndrome release (Agee technique)" showed that it indicated successful outcomes. For those using vitamin B6 (unproven efficacy) realize that B vitamins act synergistically, that is, taking a large dose of one B vitamin may lead to a deficiency of others. This effect may be lessened by the patient taking it along with a multiple vitamin capsule rich in Bs or a B vitamin formula. 

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