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The Vitamin That Stops Cancer

The Vitamin That Stops Cancerread more articles on vitamins

It is created in your skin by the action of sunlight. It regulates the amount of calcium in your blood. It is both a vitamin and a hormone, and unlike chemotherapy and radiation which kill cancer (and healthy) cells or surgery, it does not kill anything. Surprisingly, it returns cancer cells to a normal state!

What is it?

It is vitamin D, only recently being used with calcium for osteoporosis, its remarkable properties have only been explored in the cancer field in the past few years. Scientists the world over say it could become the prime weapon against all cancers, that is, as the information about it filters down to physicians. For prevention it should be an easy score.
Why has research results by medical scientists, published in accredited journals everywhere, remained a secret? It may be that it is described in scientific terms (its 1-25-(OH)2D3) and editors in the major media may not have realized that this is vitamin D.

Following is a brief sampling of the scientific studies on this amazing substance:

"In conclusion, (vitamin D) is a potent modulator of the growth of cultured (colon cancer) cells." *

"We have recently determined that (vitamin D) may be involved with the (normal processes) of the ...prostate. ...(it)significantly inhibits bone cell cancer...."

"...after three weeks of treatment (in animals, vitamin D) resulted in an 88% inhibition of tumor volume, a 75% reduction in the number of new lung sites and an 85% reduction in the size of tumors in these sites." **

"In recent years however, it has become clear that .....(it) regulates cell proliferation, cell (return to normality,) and the immune system. The author***references studies, including his own which show the beneficial effects of vitamin D against prostate cancer in the journals Cancer Research, Urology Oncology, Endocrinology, etc., etc.

So, great, huh? Well, there is an apparent limitation to using this super-vitamin-hormone to treat cancer, obviously more difficult than its use for prevention. The problem with D is that it is a regulator of calcium in the body. And, so the feeling has been, large doses such as needed to treat cancer, would harmfully affect calcium levels in the body.

The question is--how much is too much? The problem has been to some extent been sidestepped by the development of synthetic, slightly altered copies of D by at least three companies, Hoffman LaRoche of Switzerland, Leo Pharmaceutial of Denmark and Chugai of Japan. These products, not yet approved by the F.D.A., also cause tumor cells to return to a normal state (differentiate). Rather neat!

OUR HERO! A new report in the Journal of Nutrition*** claims that the toxicity level of vitamin D has been set arbitrarily low out of excessive caution. Dr. Reinhold Vieth states there that studies show that the current limit ",,, of (200 I.U.) per day is too low by at least 5-fold." We may be at a point of a cancer breakthrough.


In an editorial accompanying the OUR HERO story above in the same Journal of Nutrition issue, Dr. Robert P. Heaney of the Creighton U. Medical Center, Omaha, points to other reports that show that osteoporosis is really a shortage of vitamin D.

Many supplements, foods and even antacids have added calcium, few have sufficient or any D. Try the Calcium, Magnesium, Boron (all also needed for bone strength) plus Vitamin D tablets of Nutrition Headquarters, 1-800-851-3551, item #14171, $4.95 per 100. Note: We have no connection with this company.

*Drs. Cross, Pavelka, Slavik, & Peterlink, U. of Vienna Med. School, Austria, in the Journal of the (U.S.) Natl. Cancer Inst., vol. 84, #17, pgs. 1355-6.

**Drs. Light, Lapco, Shunn, Konetz et al, U. of Pittsburgh, Pa. & Pitts. Cancer Inst., Pitts. 15213. Proceedings of Amer. Assn. for Cancer Res., March 1997.

***vol. 69, l999. Dr. Vieth is at Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, M5G lX5, Canada.

HOT! Conclusion of a new report from the Journal of the National Cancer Inst.,* "This study confirms previous findings that a typical Western-style diet produces (pre-cancerous action in the body) and the changes can be prevented by increasing dietary calcium and vitamin D alone."

IMPORTANT! It was noted that the amount of these nutrients used to help prevent cancer was equivalent to 1000 international units per day of vitamin D and 3000 milligrams of calcium in the typical 2000 calorie (average) diet.

*By Drs. Xue, Lipkin, Newmark & Wang of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Strang Cancer Prevention Center, both of N.Y.C., and from Henan Medical U., Zhengzoe, China

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